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Fit Chef isn’t just a meal prep company. It is a lifestyle!

It is a lifestyle designed to help people reach their goals “One bite at a time.” We take away all of the guess work when it comes to eating a balanced diet. After all, time is not something anyone has a lot of. Your days are filled with commuting, errands, appointments and obligations. Now try to squeeze in time with family and friends. And oh yea, you have to eat, too!
Fit Chef Team

Created for you!

Fit Chef was founded by Kevin Roberts in 2016. Having traveled the country and resided in many states such as California, Alaska and Florida, Kevin has experienced a vast variety of flavors, ingredients and diets that helped him along his journey as a professional chef for nearly 10 years. His extensive culinary back ground and passion for fitness led to a small business that began by cooking for a small handful of clients and barely delivering 40 meals a week. Now, they embark on their second location with plans of more to come. The attention to detail, cautiously weighing of portions and the flavor profiles of a seasoned pro, yielded the result of a healthy meal business that “Actually tastes good.” Fit Chef Meals are designed to help in many aspects of life. Whether it’s losing an inch or a pound, trying to gain lean muscle or just the convenience of a delicious meal, there is something for everybody! So, give us a try, and as always, we have a quality satisfaction guarantee. If you get a meal and do not like it, we will replace it, no questions asked! We stand behind our products and take pride in knowing we bring the best ingredients possible to our clients. BECAUSE WE TRULY DO CARE!