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We use all-natural ingredients, no preservatives and no added sugars. Our meals are diabetic friendly and Gluten Free. We do the shopping and the cooking so you can do you.


3 Easy Steps To Meal Prep – 1. Pick A Plan. 2. Pick Your Meals. 3.Pick Up and Enjoy


Our chefs do all of the prepping & cooking for you. Meals are delivered prepared & ready to eat.


Pick up at our main Vicksburg location or one of our satellite coolers locations

Our Weekly Menu

Proteins by the Pound

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Order your meals by the pound. Choose a protein, a vegetable, and a carb, all mixed with your choice of a sauce. Want more? Add-on to your order and create another custom "By the Pound" meal.

Custom Meal Builder

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Looking to create your own package with no order limitations. A la carte lets you customize your checkout however you'd like. Filter your meals, choose as many as you'd like, eat, and enjoy!

À la Carte

Your Choice

Purchase any meals off our menu. This ordering method is perfect for one time orders and customizing your cart.

Meal Packs

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Select either 5, 10, 15 or 20 meals either in a small or large portion size, that can be picked up at our store or other locations


Cindy Mooney

These meals are AMAZING! I am pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are and will definitely continue ordering. I've purchased the KETO meals of which NONE have disappointed me! The Shrimp Alfredo and Chicken Alfredo are my very favorite. But all the other choices are delicious too! I highly reccomend!

Pam Moore

I haven’t had a bad meal from these guys. Great food. Great prices.

Bill Hoxie

Just finished my first week of the low carb meals. Everything was awesome. Picking up my second week today. Makes going low carb super easy because you have a great variety of meals.

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